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This notion of thought believes that each Pandora is associated with a specific colour

Le 18 April 2014, 08:32 dans Humeurs 0

The Pandora Sacred Studs Collection has just debuted Pandora Murano Glass Beads iconic gemstones and symbology to channel your inner spirituality. This charm jewellery blog offers a complete preview of this new release.

Earlier this week I alerted readers to the arrival of Pandora in the uk market. I’ve been watching this brand develop for many years after they first appeared adorning the wrists of American celebrities. Unfortunately and as many of my European readers know from personal experience, importing from the USA can be incredibly costly. Packages come complete with import taxes, handling fees and taxes on the aforementioned handling fees. Considering this I’ve never invested in the brand personally.

As the brand begins to offer increased availability to readers outside of the USA, it feels an apt time to start offering some love to this coveted range of jewellery. This week sees Pandora debut Pandora Crystal Charms Sacred Studs collection. This is a range of complete and complementary jewellery (earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings) boasting symbolic gemstones and icons representing inner values and spirituality. The concept is somewhat similar to Pandora’s Essence Collection though the execution is wholly different.

Each of the Sacred Studs pieces are available in either the silver or gold finish. The inclusion of gemstones is to utilise the concept of the seven chakras. This notion of thought believes that each chakra is associated with a specific colour and thus the shade affects the body. For those preferring a simple metallic aesthetic, icons of symbology are also represented. The stone designs are available in bangles, necklaces and rings. The symbology pieces are available in bangles, necklaces and post Pandora Dangle Charms UK.

Amethyst is associated with the Crown Chakra that provides spiritual wisdom and a sense of oneness with the universe. This energy evokes cosmic consciousness, an inner enlightenment associated with one’s destined journey. Symbolic of divinity, amethyst is a reminder to keep an open mind and heart on your sacred path.

This Pandora charm jewellery blog brings a reminder of what Pandora will be showcasing

Le 18 April 2014, 08:30 dans Humeurs 0

New European bead brand Pandora had a slightly problematic launch in mid-January. With their revised website debuting in just a few days, this charm jewellery blog brings a reminder of what Pandora CZ Bead will be showcasing.

I offered my initial previews of new Dutch based brand Pandora in early January, ahead of their scheduled global debut on January the 15th. Unfortunately technical issues plagued their launch and as their website struggled under the sheer volume of traffic, lead designer Paul Krans took the decision to take the website offline and start over. They’re now planning a rescheduled launch on February the 1st with a new website. For reference the website will be online at 18: 00 CET.

This brand are unveiling some very striking glass beads and I promised to continue featuring their work in the interim. Last week I offered a review of the Pandora Halo Waves, reminiscent of the Pandora Alphabet Charms UK Aurora. While the website is being redesigned, Paul and his team have been offering various promotions on their Facebook Page. This has resulted in a number of previously unseen designs making an appearance. This blog article collaborates these new images for the benefit of those who do not use social media. Included is a brief glimpse of the Pandora Spring 2014 collection, set for a March 21st release date.

Pandora have always planned to offer their own range of unique beads and it’s looking likely that some of these will make their first appearance on the 1st of February. They offered their first sneak peek at the unique range last week on Facebook. I have to say I’m fiercely coveting this bead with it’s gold, chocolate undertones and peacock Pandora Christmas Charms uk. To clarify the picture below is of the two sides of the same bead.

Staying on the subject of chocolate hues and sparkle, the Pandora Facet Cut Stardust Galaxy beads below are delicious! I’ve dabbled in a couple of coffee coloured bracelets during the winter season and these would make ideal complements. Finally I mentioned a preview of the Pandora Spring 2014 release. These beads are very similar to the Halo Waves but all seem to boast a faceted cut.